Seema Anand: The Art Of Seduction

The ancient arts of Courtesanery and Seduction were once treated as high philosphy, with divine and academic associations. Dr. Seema Anand explores how these narratives have been lost and in the evolution of their vocabulary, the implications have changed. Working with the range of what ‘story’ can mean to an individual Seema facilitates the learning processes of ‘telling’, ‘listening’, ‘acknowledging’ and ‘rejecting’ the narratives that make up our lives and our social interactions to enhance communication, build links and open dialogue.

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    Justine (Friday, 30 November 2012 17:08)

    Brilliant :)

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    Kalyani (Saturday, 29 March 2014 21:24)

    Hi, I am really impressed by the way you have spoken about the art of seduction. I just wanted to know the books you were referring to in the speech. Thank You.

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    Lika (Thursday, 29 January 2015 09:20)

    Yes you are amazing!
    Give us some good reads!

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    Moorthy (Wednesday, 11 March 2015 04:33)

    Really amazing
    Excellent piece of knowledge about seduction

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    Jean (Monday, 05 October 2015 23:33)

    You really seduced me: I almost fell in love!
    Or did I ???
    Anyway: fantastic storyteller, great performance!!!

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    raghuram (Sunday, 01 November 2015 13:43)

    Impressive and interesting things thought through your talk.
    Appreciate the names of the books referred in you talk.
    My email id is

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    Janaksinh Mahida (Friday, 01 April 2016 01:31)

    Thank you for this talk....!!


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    AYUSH (Wednesday, 20 July 2016 09:42)

    Fantastic speech I would like to know thw names of the books referred in the talk

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    Karthick (Sunday, 28 August 2016 22:06)

    Great I like your speech it's impressive and more useful. I wanna know the book name on "woman’s erogenous zones according to the movement of the moon". Share in my mail id:

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    Sagar Malviya (Sunday, 20 November 2016 07:30)

    Hello Seema,

    You are a goddess.
    Please be kind and let us know the name of the books you mean when you say 'there were lots of books written about the role of the man'